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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm 3 years over due!

I actually can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I've blogged. This past 3 years have been crazy, busy and fun. There are so many events and activities I should have been blogging about and seriously if I hear one more person telling me I have to do it .... I'm going to scream.

AUGH! There, I screamed... but I'm here so it worked, all that nagging from concerned and wonderful friends and clients.

Here's a recap of what I've been up to here at Memoire Events over these past 3 years...

The 2010 Oscar Gifting Suites.... that was amazing. We did it at the Hollywood and Vine Towers, these suites were on the 18th floor with ceiling to floor windows. One side we did the suite with lounges over looking all of Los Angeles, the other side was a VIP lounge, red carpet, step and repeat, VIP gifting rooms, dueling DJ's, cocktails and appetizers and a hot little lounge with the view of the Hollywood sign. I have some great pictures on my website with a few of the celebrities who attended.
We did quite a bit of the step and repeats for a few premiers, grand openings and the lighting and step and repeat for a charity that AnnaLynne McCord from the TV show 91210 did. That was really fun and a great charity event, her sister Rachel McCord was working as my intern/assistant for a while, I love the two of them, they are amazing.
One of my favorite events this year was Adam's 40th birthday party!! We did an 80's movie character theme. Everyone came dressed in their favorite 80's movie character, I brought in 80's bar top trivia machine, video games popular in the 80's, fuseball, and a pinball machine. For additional entertainment, I have breakdancers come perform and then dance with the guests and a fashion photo booth for the guests to take pictures with their costumes. We did the food stations to match movie themes and an amazing 80's candy station. This party killed it!!

A fashion show for Indigenous Designs for their 15th anniversary party! Then I produced a Fashion Show for the Snow Jam in San Diego this past November it was crazy. We did 3 shows a day for 3 days in a row. We had 5 designers: Nike, Vans, Young and the Reckless, Sullen, Indigenous Designs and 6 male and 6 female models. That was one exhausting weekend.

One of my favorite clients this past year was John Kelly Chocolates, I coordinated and decor for their Mother's Day event and their Grand Opening.
So one of the best chef's in the world is Fred Eric with Tiara Cafe, I worked with him on the Apple event a year ago October downtown. 10 days of catering. 3 meals and 4 snack times a day, you wouldn't even believe it if I told you how many people and meals we served in those 10 days!
I did more baby showers in the last year than I have done in my whole career as an event planner. The cakes I did for those were so cute and you wouldn't believe what a hit they were. If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog you will see a picture of the baby ninja cake I did.
An oragomi animal 50th birthday... awwwesommme!! An 18th and 21st Birthday party, did another Quenceniara, and few Bat Mitzavah's.

And seriously countless weddings and wedding rehearsal dinners. I have had the most amazing brides and grooms this past 3 years, they have all made my job so fun and exciting.
All of my business in the past 3 years have been by referrals only! I can hardly believe it.

Thank you to all my clients who have been such a pleasure to work with, you referring me has been the best compliment anyone can pay me!!

I will do my best to stay on top of my blogs now... I have some incredible events I'm working on right now... so stay tuned and I will start blogging on them right away. If you made it this far in my blog... please become a follower on my blog and see what's coming up this year for us here at Memoire Events.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Client Blog...

Last weekend Christine and I hopped on a plane and redeyed it to the East Coast in efforts to set up my wedding arrangements. We deplaned, rented a car and were on our way . . . . !!! Within two days we had the church, the venue, the flowers, which hotels the out-of-town guests would be staying, the photographers and the like. By 5 p.m. on that Sunday we were finished and on the plane making our way back to California. And the beauty of it all, Christine knew the ideas she was going to use to decorate and to bring everything together to make it a lovely wedding and a great day. And I have to stay, Christine knew how to deal with everyone. She is sweet and kind, yet motivated and savvy. People respected her. My wedding dream will come true. Thanks Christine!!
Deborah L. Simmons
PLS, CCLS Notary

Whorl Wind Wedding Planning!!

My bride Deborah and I met in April. Deborah and Richard have been engaged for 18 years!! They have a long and beautiful love story and they have decided that now is the time to take that next step and get married. Originally they wanted to get married on the beach somewhere here in southern California, but once we started talking about what they had in mind, Deborah expressed that her mom would really love for her to get married back home in Sharon, MA. I told her that if that is something that she really wanted for her and Richard as well, that I could make that happen for her. With in 5 minutes after our meeting, Deborah called and said that we were going for it... planning her wedding for Sharon, Massachusetts!!
So that is what I did. I started looking for venues in and around Sharon, but there was a shortage of venues that were available for her date. So I needed to think outside the venue box.
Deb had expressed that her dream was to get married in the church were she grew up in Sharon and what type of look she wanted for her wedding reception, etc. I did my research, made appointments and Deb and I headed for Boston on a red eye flight June 12th.
We landed at Logan Airport at 7:00 am Saturday morning, got the rental car and headed to our first meeting. From 7:00 am that morning until 7:00 pm that night we did not stop. Seriously except for directions. (Everyone in MA thinks they know a better way to get somewhere and no one gives you the same directions) We had cake tasting(s), venue walk through(s), photographer and florist meetings... by 8:00 that night we were starving, tired and thrilled!! It was an amazing day. We met so many wonderful vendors and venues. We ate, hit the hot tub at the hotel and sleep like babies.
The next morning was another day of the same, cake tasting, food tasting, and photographer meeting all before our flight later that day at 4:00 pm!
On the way home we went over everything and picked out the venue and vendors.
Deb is getting married at the Baptist Church in Sharon where she attended when she was a little girl with her family. (Dream One... Check) The reception; Deb wanted a place where the feeling and atmosphere was very Old New England... that is exactly what she is getting with Lafayette House, built in 1784 where they not only give you a warm, cozy reception but also amazing food!! (Dream Two... Check) The florist Judy at Judy's Village Flowers is fantastic and she really gets our vision. So, at this time we have all our vendors picked, the venue set, the cake and food tasting(s) done, the photographer is on board, oh and did I mention Dream Three? A vintage Rolls to deliver the bride and groom in style... (Check)
I'm so excited for September to get here and head to Massachusetts to help Deb and Richard have the romantic dream wedding they have envisioned for 18 years...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tula and Steve's Wedding

Tula and Steve... what an amazing couple! I have been working with them for 5 months planning their wedding. I was referred to them by by the most amazing photographers Chris and Kristen from Ckrisphotography. Tula called me this past December because their event coordinator had not done anything for them since July... they were a bit worried about getting everything done in 5 months. But this past Saturday on May 30th, not only did we have everything done but the whole event went off without a hitch. What a fantastic day!
This wedding was a full day event. Tula and Steve decided they wanted to have pictures taken pre-ceremony so that they could spend the entire evening celebrating with their friends and family. The wedding was held at Marvimon downtown Los Angeles. I had worked at this venue for a few other events, so I was very excited to be there again. Holly Flora was the floral designer for the wedding and she did a spectacular job. The place was stunning. Tula was beautiful in her 1950's style wedding dress and her 8 brides maids in their red 50's style dresses, Steve handsome as ever, waiting for Tula with his 8 groomsman. The ceremony was Tula and Steve all the way... funny, touching, sentimental... perfect. But, the entire event was not held there... right after the wedding all the guests boarded red double decker busses to the Empress Pavilion for a Chinese family style dinner.
Empress Pavilion; the room looked fantastic with red paper balls suspended from the ceiling, vintage screens around the room, candle light and a dj... After Tula and Steve were announced as husband and wife...The Immortals performed. WOW... they were so crazy good. After dinner guests boarded the double decker busses and headed back to Marvimon where we transformed the wedding setup to a hip rockin' lounge. You have to see the pictures of the dessert bar to believe how gorgeous it looked... because it lasted all of two seconds!! - no kidding. The desserts not only looked great but tasted even better... another great job by Vanilla Bake Shop! Lounge furniture, great lighting, two bars, vintage photo booth, dancing, old movies projected on a huge screen, what else could you ask for. This was a party.
Thank you Tula and Steve for allowing me to not only to share in your special day but to help create an event to remember.